Stone Hedge Golf Club - Marshall Golf

There is no shortage of ways to relax at Stone Hedge Golf Club, the finest destination for Marshall Golf. Located in the scenic hills of Central Missouri, Stone Hedge Golf Club features 9 holes of superb links-style play spread across tees and fairways that boast a unique mixture of bluegrass and ryegrass. Meanwhile, all our expertly manicured greens have Crenshaw grass. 

But that's just the Marshall golf. Stone Hedge hosts members and guests at our semi-private facility in the restaurant, swimming pool or bar. All of which are designed to give you the best possible experience in Marshall golf, even if you've never played the game. The restaurant cooks up a delicious array of regular menu items as well as rotating monthly specials. For example, this April you can sample fried tilapia with mixed bean soup or, later in the month, a Reuben sandwich with German soup. Our chef works tirelessly to provide the best cuisine. 

So why do people come to Stone Hedge Golf Club, aside from it being the finest set of links-style holes in Marshall golf? Maybe it's the swimming pool. Perhaps it's the food and drink. Whatever it is, we promise to do our best to make sure they leave with a smile and come back again real soon.